Xhanch – My twitter plugin slows down WordPress

Recently my blog became very slow, loading times exceeded a few seconds. Quite frustrating. After disabling all plugins one by one I pinpointed the problem to the Xhanch My Twitter plugin. Changing several plugin settings didn’t help.

After a bit of googling I read something about Xhanch My twitter creating a lot of double lines in it’s database, hence slowing down the site, and even the complete webserver. Since i’m not a code-wizard i’m reluctant to dive into the database myself, so i decided to look for an alternative.

I’ve submitted a bugreport to it’s makers, in the meantime i’m using Tweetupdater. Out of the box it displays my tweets exactly as I want them, in the same style I configured my My twitter widget. Problem solved.


There is a thread on this subject currently on the Xhanch forum. Lets see how that works out.


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