Add floating social share buttons to wordpress

After testing a few ways to add share/tweet/like buttons to my site I ended up using my current ‘smart sharing’ plugin. As you can see it’ll float nicely along with your wordpress posts.

I cant find the ‘smart sharing’ plugin!?!

Not to worry, the plugin is not available in the plugin download section of your admin dashboard, but you can be downloaded by singing up for the mailing list. Normally I’m quite reluctant to give my e-mail address to download something, but in this case I think it’s worth the effort. So far I haven’t received any spam from these guys.

Installation is quite straightforward, just upload the zip-file and activate it. I guess it wouldn’t be right to upload the zip and share it with you, so i’ll just point you to the mailing list sign up..

To download the plugin, click here

Xhanch – My twitter plugin slows down WordPress

Recently my blog became very slow, loading times exceeded a few seconds. Quite frustrating. After disabling all plugins one by one I pinpointed the problem to the Xhanch My Twitter plugin. Changing several plugin settings didn’t help.

After a bit of googling I read something about Xhanch My twitter creating a lot of double lines in it’s database, hence slowing down the site, and even the complete webserver. Since i’m not a code-wizard i’m reluctant to dive into the database myself, so i decided to look for an alternative.

I’ve submitted a bugreport to it’s makers, in the meantime i’m using Tweetupdater. Out of the box it displays my tweets exactly as I want them, in the same style I configured my My twitter widget. Problem solved.


There is a thread on this subject currently on the Xhanch forum. Lets see how that works out.