Installing Windows 8 Consumer preview on Sony Vaio Netbook

After dozens of fresh windows installations last years, I reconed installing Windows 8 would be a walk in the park, but without an available USB stick, 2 failing external USB DVD-drives for the ISO I burned the installation isn’t as smooth as expected. It didn’t appear to me that i could simply use the internet installer supplied by microsoft. Downloading will take about half an hour on your average broadband connection, why did I bother downloading and burning the ISO, thats so 2011..

I downloaded the small installation file and about an hour later Windows 8 was installed and good to go. The first surprise is the boot time. The old Windows 7 Pro install took over a minute to boot, and now it boots within 20 seconds! I’m sure I’ll scrape a few seconds off if I disable boot from USB/CD-rom in the bios.

Too bad my 3G modem isn’t detected and installed automatically, it seems I have to do some driver-searching to sort this out.

Check here if you want a step-by-step guide to installing Windows 8 on your netbook from a USB memory stick.

Like with my Windows 7 i immediately started to tweak my Windows 8 installation to speed up my netbook. This post describes the steps I took to finetune my configuration.

The next time i’ll be spending on getting used to the new start menu, and finding drivers for my beloved 3G card. Keep u posted!